Buying A Home

Buying a home can be a complicated process if you’re going at it alone. However, the benefits that homeownership can bring to you can certainly be worth the effort. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or have been a homeowner before, the experts at 1st Continental Mortgage can help you achieve your goals quickly while saving you money.

First Time Home-Buyers

If you are seeking assistance to buy a home, it is likely that you have considered what kinds of opportunities being a homeowner provides. Buying a home will allow you to:

Build Credit
Build Equity in Your Home
Take Advantage of Tax Benefits

By making your payments on time every month, you’ll be establishing a strong credit history which will help you more easily achieve your financial goals throughout your lifetime. 

You’ll be investing in a high-value asset and, with time, you will build equity in your home as the value of your home rises. 

Uncle Sam allows mortgage interest and real estate property taxes to be deducted from your income taxes. We suggest you consult a tax professional to help you understand this benefit and take advantage of it to the fullest extent.

What Is The Process To Buy A Home?

Your real estate agent will help you through the process of find a home and negotiating the purchase. Here's a general overview of what you can expect before you're ready to apply for a mortgage.

  1. Obtain A Pre-Approval
    Presenting your real estate agent with a preapproval gives her and any potential sellers confidence that you’re serious about making an offer.
  2. Find Your Dream Home and Make An Offer
    After searching far and wide for just the right home, make sure you do your homework (in partnership with your real estate agent) on comparable home sales, market value, and other factors before making an appropriate offer.
  3. Submit A Deposit
    A deposit will show that you are committed to completing the purchase.
  4. Complete the Purchase Contract
    Working with your real estate agent, attorney and/or title company, negotiate and draft the purchase contract describing the terms of the transaction.
Apply For A Home Loan

Once you’ve squared away the purchase process, we’ll help you begin the mortgage application process to secure financing for your home purchase. Apply online, or contact us via phone or in-person to get started.

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