How To Get A Mortgage Loan

So, you've found your dream home. What’s next?

The next step is to get a mortgage loan to help you pay for it. To get financing for your home purchase, you will have to provide documents such as credit history, bank statements, financial assets, employment record/history, W-2 (or 1099, if applicable) and a variety of other documents. You’ll also have to provide property-specific documents such as an appraisal of your future home’s value.

But don’t worry – 1st Continental Mortgage is here to guide you through the process. Here’s how it works:

  • Step One – Apply For A Mortgage Loan When you've selected a property and have a contract with the Seller, the next step is to complete your loan application, which can be done easily through our website. To get started, click on the button below. Apply Now

  • Step Two – Run Your Credit Part of the application process is having a credit report generated so that we can determine what loan programs and rates you may qualify for. You can have a credit report generated here.

  • Step Three – Provide Additional Documents Our mortgage experts will let you know if there are any documents you are missing in order for your application to be approved. Generally, a property appraisal will be required, but we’ll let you know when and how to obtain one.

  • Step Four – Approval and Funding If your application meets all of the lending requirements, you’ll receive an approval. Congratulations! At this time, your Real Estate Agent or the Seller will designate an Escrow/Title Company to handle the funding of your loan. We will coordinate with the escrow team and you'll sign the final papers at their office.

When you are looking to get a mortgage loan, 1st Continental Mortgage will be your partner in making sure that you obtain approval for your home purchase. Count on us to help you make your homeownership dreams come true!